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Welcome to Controlled Environment Structures

Controlled Environment Structures is a West Michigan based distributor of energy related products and specializing in Insulspan SIPS (structural insulating panels)

Homes and commercial buildings made with Insulspan Panels (SIPS) are so efficient that the hot water from your Water Heater circulated through our LifeBreath Clean Air Furnace is enough to keep your home warm in the winter - even in Michigan - and a small air conditioner will keep it cool during the summer.

CES also distributes Wood Foundation SIP panels, which offer thermal efficiency, superior strength, easy handling and installation so fast that many customers do it in one day!

2008 Current Project - Sprik’s Barn

Denny Sprick project
Summer 2008
40’x 60’ barn with a second story on half.


This is a great way to build an insulated barn. Using CES 4’ high Frost Walls buried in the ground 3’ and sticking above the concrete floor 1’ is a good way to insulate your floor and the building from frost transfer through the concrete. The 6 1/2 Frost walls install very fast and also keep frost and cold from getting under the slab that is poured inside the walls.
The upper walls are 6 ½” Insulspan SIP’s RTA (ready to assemble). All windows are bucked out and even the electrical box holes are cut out. The roof is a truss roof with 15” of cellulose blown in.

A note from Dennis:
Hello again to everyone at C.E.S.

All of you that assisted me so greatly with my barn project know that this is something I had been forming in my mind for more than a few years. I had a problem figuring out how to go from the ideas in my mind, to building an energy efficient, functional, and user friendly structure. I am glad to say you have successfully solved these problems for me! Since the first time I visited you (06/01/07) and started discussing the design with Bobbi, Will, and Joe, you have all been very helpful. You were able to take my thoughts, wants and most importantly my needs and transfer these to prints and create my barn.


This year at the end of May when I started the construction of the foundation, I really appreciated the skillful help, and direction from your supervisor Orlie. I am not a skilled carpenter by trade (as Orlie and Will know only too well!!) but with their direction and patience, my dream barn was underway. Once the frost walls were in, I installed the PEX tubing (over 4,000’) for the radiant floor heat in the insulated concrete floor (by your frost walls) of the main building. After the cement had been poured, Orlie and Will then assisted me in getting the wall panels, space joists, and second story walls and trusses set. My barn structure was up by the end of July.


I am glad I took the advice you gave me and went with the R.T.A. walls. This made the window installation just plain simple. Many of the windows actually needed no shims; the window openings were plumb and square, as is the rest of the structure. I just slid the windows in, checked everything one last time and got busy nailing. I installed all the windows (all second story windows) and the slider in just a few hours. I spent more time moving the scissor lift around the barn than actually installing the windows!!


In closing, I would like to thank all the individuals at this organization that assisted me so greatly. With your help, my barn became a reality. Everyone who has been to our cabin and seen this structure is amazed at what I have built. Everyone is truly impressed with the unique green friendly design, the attention to energy efficiency, and the over all quality of the construction. I thank you all once again.


Best regards,
Dennis Sprick


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